Our SiviewExam® application revolutionizes subjective refraction by combining automation, customization, and complementary modules for a complete visual assessment, for both near and distance vision.

Eye exam through smart automation


With SiviewExam®
Take control
over eye tests

Fast and simple, SiviewExam® provides all the precision and details that eye care professionals need for diagnosis and prescription. A decision-making aid, SiviewExam® is available on a tablet that connects to your refraction instrument and takes control of the examination process, considering all the parameters of the person being examined.


Intuitive, ergonomic, and easy-to-use solution. Compatible with virtually all refractive instruments on the market.

Reliable & accurate

Precise, reliable, reproducible, and detailed data to ensure accurate diagnosis and quality eyewear or contact lens prescriptions.

Plug & Play

No need to change your current refraction room setup and process, SiviewExam is compatible with your refraction instruments.

At the end of the exam, SiviewExam® generates a complete and detailed report:

  • Medical profile
  • Case history
  • Monocular and binocular values
  • Binocular max convex
  • Monocular and binocular visual acuity with pinhole if necessary
  • Addition
  • Dissociated phoria measurements
  • Gradient
  • Fusional reserves (coming soon)
  • Recommendations in terms of vision, correction or additional examinations
  • Identification of accommodative problems

A fast and complete

Thanks to the detailed report, the diagnosis is made by the technician who performed the examination. It can then be transferred in PDF format to the optometrist for prescription, or to an expert for a medical examination in case of potential health risks, such as eye diseases.

With SiVIEW, develop your eye examination business
with complete peace of mind, while leveraging your client satisfaction and boosting your chain's reputation


                                                       for a prescription update, and 8 min for a complete eye examen vs a conventional 20-min exam.


Guaranteeing a consistent quality of eye exams across all stores in the chain.


training. No knowledge required thanks to the ultra-intuitive interface and a generated expert report.


Speaking 13+ languages to assist all the clients.

Clinical study
Reliable, precise and reproducible technology

In a clinical study conducted in 2022 on 107 patients, SiVIEW automated eye examination technology proved that the quality of its results was equivalent to a conventional examination: no clinical difference was observed between a refraction performed by SiVIEW technology and a manual subjective refraction performed by an expert.

An effective solution chosen by many optometrists

SiviewExam® is already used by many optometrists:


examinations carried out to date

Numerous customers throughout the world

Cette image montre un opticien qui réalise un examen de vue avec SiVIEW. Son doigt pointe une ligne d'acuité à lire par le patient

SiviewExam® is a software application that complies with medical device regulatory requirements in many countries