SiVIEW technology
Combining artificial intelligence and vision expertise

Although artificial intelligence excels in various applications in ophthalmology and optometry, subjective refraction tests are frequently too time-consuming and operator-influenced. Intelligent automation is needed to simplify and speed up the examination, while ensuring its quality and personalization, because visual sharpness and comfort can only be judged by the patient, as each case is unique.

A powerful algorithm
combining academic and clinical expertise

Thanks to its technological and clinical expertise, SiVIEW has developed a solution for automating eye examinations based on artificial intelligence. Our algorithm goes beyond sequencing. It is based on approach that enables raking use of logical rulesin order to reproduce the cognitive mechanisms of an expert (deduction, classification, hierarchization…), for a smart, automated examination.

The SiviewExam® application relies on an advanced algorithm based on thousands of examination cases, combining :

They are the result of SiVIEW’s clinical and academic expertise, and are the subject of 10 patents: a matrix of +500 defined patient profiles, 2,000,000+ possible paths.

Medical profile, age, history, visual needs, current refraction, previous refractions.

Results based on the analysis
of thousands of cases

Our algorithm takes into account data from thousands of real-life cases to perform a refraction examination as an expert would, totally personalized for each patient.
Control loops are also performed automatically to detect inconsistencies or lack of precision, and trigger further examination.

Take a total control
over your refraction equipments

Thanks to the SiviewBox®, the SiviewExam® App takes control over all the equipments in your practice, allowing you to carry out all examinations intuitively, from the SiVIEW tablet.

SiviewBox is compatible with the vast majority of refraction instruments on the market.