We create innovative solutions for the visual function’s care, by developing automated and interconnected expert systems. At SiVIEW, we develop automated, interconnected expert systems, with the aim to offering comprehensive tools that combine simplicity and excellence, to give practitioners the means to practice their profession serenely and efficiently, while providing patients with better access to care.

Our mission
to support eye experts

Photo SiVIEW equipe

A shared vision
inseparable from our past and future successes

A federated team, strong in its convictions, ready to move the lines of visual care, often insufficient, sometimes deficient, and inexorably on the cusp of a technological and scientific revolution. A team engaged to provide innovative and relevant solutions for the practitioner, while defending a real social responsability commitment.

Our engagement
SiVIEW quality's policy
focuses on 5 key areas


Design and manufacture medical devices designed to improve the lives of patients and simplify the work and daily lives of healthcare professionals.


Promote a benchmark solution for ocular refraction and visual health.


To invest in France and internationally with a strong identity.


Continuously listen to our customers’ requests and feedback, and meet their demands and expectations while complying with the regulatory requirements of the countries that use our products.


Maintain the effectiveness of our Quality System and ensure that all SiVIEW players and partners are fully involved in maintaining the level of excellence to which we are committed.

Awards and prices

Innov’ Up Proto
for the best prototype

SILMO Academy grant

EIP label

Logo du trophée décernés par MEDEF du 91

91 d’Or awarded by MEDEF 91

3 times Trophées eSanté
“Health Expert”
“Coup de coeur”
“Best BM”